new count: ~10/15.0 (boo…)

Today’s food log –


  • small single americano with condensed milk
  • two egg whites
  • green tea


ADD snack -Baci biscotti (Pistachio Chocolate Chunk)

packed for dinner:

  • roasted Brussels sprouts (10)
  • broccoli
  • grilled chicken
  • black cod
  • apple
  • pear

where’s the self-control?

at 4 this morning, i woke up with a strange gastric reflux. it might have been the pill i took right before bed. i thought it might be due to an empty stomach, so of course i ate –

not sure what you count that as: “latenight” snack or early bfast? whatever

then of course my usual bfast:

i was going to try to cut out the croissant, but just couldn’t resist the temptation. i have no self-control >.<¬† i’ll call it a “sick” day with last night’s episode. will try to eliminate that carb…

looking at today’s lunch menu, i’ll try to only pick up these:

post lunch update: went to building E, so got these for lunch instead:

not eating it (b/c of the vaccine), but picked up a bag of Stacey’s Baked Cinnamon Sugar Pita Chips. rated at C-, but it’s so good~~~

need to practice the eat-only-if-it’s-good or -only-if-i’m-hungry.

since i’ll be taking the 3rd typhoid vaccine pill and riding the bus today, i probably wont’ eat much, but planning on having these with me:

omg, i am so surprised that Fooducate is rating all the 0 calories Vitamin Waters and Sobe Lifewater D+. Coke Zero is C-. that means the soda is better?

not sure what’s for dinner. going to watch Wreck-It Ralph. i can foresee us at least getting popcorn at the theater…